Back to blighty for a wee bit of a stopover

Final Preparations

By Susan

A bit stressed out and I can’t believe we still have things to arrange

We took the boat and train from Dublin to London and passed some beautiful coastline in North Wales. We had one whole day in London and it was full of chores. Absolutely mind numbing considering how much we’ve already organised for this trip. Anyway, I managed to slip away and have a coffee with my old friend Jo and also had a lovely meal in the evening with Nic, Kellie and Brandon, in quite a swanky pub,

The next morning Sophie and Keith met us at St Pancras to see us off and Susan Roger’s too. That was a really lovely treat and St Pancras is looking very smart too.

Phew… What a day.

By Pete

Today felt a bit like the last bit of a marathon. Not that I’d know I guess – I’ve not run more than a few hundred metres for about 15 years I reckon. Still, it was a bit of a slog…

But by the end of the day we managed to cross pretty much everything off our list and we got down to what most of my visits to London are really about – hanging out with Nic and Kellie and this time with Brandon too.

When I arrived in the UK I arrived on Nic and Kellie’s doorstep and they’ve been real good to me ever since. It was great to hang out with them for one more night before starting the long trip home. I’m going to miss having them close by.