Oui Paris

Paris in the spring – warming up a little bit

By Susan

I had seat61 on the Eurostar, which I reckon is a good omen. We’ve been using the excellent website www.seat61.com to research our train journeys and the guy who runs the website reckons that’s the best seat to have.

We met up with Pete’s friend, Will, in Paris. He showed us around, took us to a great bar, cooked us dinner, suggested places to visit and also took us to Croissy, just outside Paris, where we walked along the Seine in glorious sunshine. It all looked like something out of an impresionnist painting. Thanks Will.

I visited the cemetery, Pere Lachaise, for the first time. I always thought it was further out of Paris than it actually is. Jim Morrisson’s grave is sad – because he was so young when he died, and because it’s sort of small and hidden away among much bigger tombstones. Oscar Wilde’s has lipstick kisses all over it.

On our final night in Paris we walked around Notre Dame, the bridges and the Louvre. Absolutely perfect!

It is a romantic city

By Pete

I’ve been in Paris once before – I came here with some friends (Will and Stewart) for a music festival. We came to see the Vibracathedral Orchestra and we slept in their tour bus – well I slept anyway…

I’m not normally into big cities but there’s something special about Paris. There is something very romantic about the place. Last time I was here I remembered thinking how great it would be to be wandering around with a special someone. And now to be here with Susan is absolutely fantastic – feels like the honeymoon is starting.

It was great to meet up with (the aforementioned) Will too. Will’s been living here for the past few years and I do believe he has it sorted – well that’s the way it seemed to me. Nice one Will.


  1. Hi Susan and Pete,
    I am rather jealous as I sit here working my way through a pile of essays waiting for exams to start because that’s just got to bring the sun out. It’s traditional, the sun has to shine!! (Don’t contradict me on this one, I’m desperate for sunshine on this side of the Pennines). I have to say, this site is looking rather sophisticated. Does ‘all rights reserved’ mean I can’t make artistic use of your cool photos to pimp my VLE (virtual learning environment – yes, term is back and this time it’s for real!)
    Miss you guys already, enjoy. xJulie

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