A set of memories from the trip of a lifetime

In 2008 we (Susan and Pete) undertook the trip of a lifetime. Susan is from Dublin and Pete is from Brisbane and we were living in Leeds at the time. We saved up our money and spent most of it on our honeymoon (this trip). We spent very little of the money on actually getting married.

Pete and Susan
Pete and Susan

We set out from Dublin and thought we’d see how far we could get without flying. The ultimate goal was to get to Brisbane, Australia. We really had no idea… We knew that we wouldn’t be going the most direct way – we tend to do things in a rather round about way.

We figured we’d keep enough money aside that we could fly the rest of the way when we needed to. We got as far as Bali in the end, after travelling for about 9 months.

We kept this blog, full of our (sometimes embarrassing in hindsight) thoughts and photos and audio clips as we went. We took the site down in about 2014 because it was falling apart. And now here it is again, warts and typos and all.

It’s here for us more than anything but if you enjoy it too then that’s great. Enjoy.

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