From Dublin to Brisbane in how many steps?

Catching up with everyone in Dublin

By Susan

Our Ryanair flight from Leeds to Dublin was cancelled. I thought to myself that we probably needed to get used to that kind of thing happening on our trip. We got to Dublin at 3am and my parents had put a key under a flowerpot for us.

We were in Dublin mainly to see me family before heading off on our trip. A hightlight was going to Malahide Castle for Sunday lunch with everybody. The food was really great and we had lots of space to sit and chat and go for walks around the hotel with Roisin (my neice).

I’ll miss my family loads and loads, especially Rosisin and the new twins, but will be back at Christmas for the wedding. Yay!!!

Leaving Dublin on the Jonathan Swift

By Pete

It’s Monday afternoon, it’s sunny (for the most part) and we’re leaving Dublin ferry port on the Jonathan Swift. Slowly I’m starting to see how this whole travel malarkey might actually turn into a holiday. It’s going to take us 7 or 8 hours to get to London by ferry and train and I reckon I’m going to use that time to relax.

I’m going to miss Dublin. It’s been a bit of a home away from home away from home over the past few years – mostly thanks to the hospitality and friendship of Susan’s family.

We had a great day yesterday. We went out for a Sunday dinner in Malahide. They do a great Sunday dinner in Dublin I have to say – definitely some of the best Sunday dinners I’ve ever had…

I’m still finding it hard to say goodbye but it’s a bit easier with Dublin – feels a bit more like a “seeya later” than it did with Leeds (which was more a part or a time in my life).

Seeya later Dublin.