Lucky in Leeds

Lessons I learned

By Susan

Leaving Leeds was a whirlwind. By our last week the packing and the giving away and the cleaning was relentless.

I can’t believe that we actually managed to get everything sorted out. Those of you who came ’round to the house may have thought we’d still be there now packing stuff, but, with 3-4 hours sleep each night over the last week, we got there. And, our landlord even even told us we would be getting our bond back!!

There are a few things that I’ve learned from our experience of packing up our belongings and which I want to put into practice in the future.

  1. Think very hard about whether I want/need something before buying it. Even books!
  2. Following on from 1, just have less stuff.
  3. Don’t keep half empty jars of mouldy stuff in the fridge.
  4. Do a clear out every year.
  5. Give away things I love to people I love.

I’ll miss all my friends in the UK but plan on keeping in touch so it’s not really goodbye.

Saying goodbye is no fun

By Pete

I moved to Leeds in April 2003. I decided to take a job here after checking the place out. My reasoning was that the people I was going to be working with seemed genuine, honest and friendly, people say thank you to the bus drivers and Leeds looked like the kind of place where interesting things happened and interesting people could be met.

Sometimes it’s good to act on a hunch. It did me well. Not only did I meet my wife here, I also made some great friends, found a love of all (well most) things Yorkshire and had some great times.

Five years later, almost to the day, and I’m leaving – with a heavy heart. The past few months have been pretty full on, the past few weeks have been busy like crazy and the past few days have driven me to breakdown on a few occasions.

Aside from it being a busy time, I’m worn out by all the opposite emotions. I’m excited about our trip but also quite nervous. I’m looking forward to going home but I’m sad to be leaving Leeds. And if I have to say one more goodbye to a friend I think I’m going to crack…

But this isn’t going to be a sob story. As Arnie says… “I’ll be back”. And in any case, I’ll keep in touch.


  1. Wow guys – I’ve just looked at the Leeds pics so far, but already feel the need to comment….. Which one of you is the photographer (or it both of you)? The pics are amazing!

  2. Hi Kate, I have to say that it is mainly Pete who takes the photos, but I often tell him which to take!!

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