The Great Masurian Lakes

Motor rallies at the Masurian lakes

By Susan

Keen to get out of the city for a while we’ve taken ourselves to the Masurian Lakes in the northeast of Poland where there are lots of beautiful glacial lakes all linked together by canals. We didn’t realise that there was the all-Europe motor rally on this same weekend in the small village that we thought we’d base ourselves.

We spent one night at a campsite in Gi?ycko. It was very cheap, but you had to pay each time you wanted to use the toilet so we decided to move on to an even smaller village, Miko?ajki, which is where the motor rally is taking place.

The campsite is fairly packed with rally revelers, and we’ve heard some fast car noises, but that’s all we’ve experienced of the rally. We’ve had some nice times walking in the countryside and sitting beside lakes. The weather is still baking hot. We had a lot of rain in Budapest but not a drop since. Not sure if this is normal for Poland or not, I suspect it’s not.

Get out of town

By Pete

Well it’s not been exactly what we were after but still, it’s been nice to get away from the city. In our normal lives, Susan and I spend a lot of our time trying to get out of town but for a good while now we’ve been going from one big town to another. We’re by no means complaining – it’s been fantastic of course – but we thought it would be nice to head to the countryside for a wee bit.

Getting into the countryside isn’t so easy though at the moment. Motor rallies aside, it’s kind of difficult to get away too far if you’ve only got public transport. And we need to be within walking distance of shops for food etc. Also, we’ve noticed here that not having any language skills is a bit more of a problem – but that’s almost fun in an embarrassing kind of way…

The difference in pace has been obvious and very welcome. It’s been nice to walk around in the sun, away from people. And it’s been nice to sit by some lakes and watch the birds and the boats go by.


  1. suzieq – is that for Suzie Quant?

    Knowing how you like to get out into the countryside, I’m pleased you’ve been able to get a little, but you seem to have done quite a bit of it along the way.

  2. Figuring out how to publish our recent holiday snaps on the web gave me a whole new level of respect for your blog. Keep the updates coming!

    Susan – we loved Ireland. There are some amazing things to see and do there… and we only explored three counties.

  3. Hi susan & Pete,

    Lisa told me about your blog and have had a look at your travels.You are having a great time. Will look forward to seeing what your up toalong the way. You will hardly make Eigse this year!!
    Congratulations to you both on your wedding, I Wish you both many happy days ahead.

    Take Care
    Marie, Frank, Ben & Ruth
    Kilrush, co Clare.

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