Back west to visit friends

Still eating well in Germany

By Susan

We took the train from Budapest to Nuremberg to visit our friends Martina and Heiko and their son Jonas. We haven’t seen them since their wedding 3 years ago, or so. So it was really good to catch up with them.

They showed us around the lovely old town of Nuremberg – there’s a castle, some beautiful churches and a big town square, which hosts a big Christmas market come December.

We were fed well too – yummy cheeses, parsley pesto, delicious bread and Bavarian sausages with sweet mustard. The Nurembergers might not like our choice of sausage – there’s a movement (a jovial one I think) to leave Bavaria and unite the old region of Frankonia.

Thanks Heiko, Martina and Jonas for a great time!

Friendly Germany

By Pete

It’s been great to be back in Germany. I really like this country – things work well, people are friendly, there’s great food, it’s got interesting buildings and beautiful scenery. Every time I come to Germany I have a fantastic time.

The best thing about this particular quick drop-in to Germany has been catching up with Heiko, Martina and Jonas. I met Heiko and Martina at university (they were in Brisbane as exchange students) and I’ve managed to visit them a few times since. Now they have a beautiful little baby boy and they’re a very happy family.

Unfortunately, a few of the pesky Hungarian ants that plagued us in Budapest travelled with us and tried to escape on Heiko and Martina’s living room floor – but I don’t think they got very far and they seemed to entertain Jonas for a while.

Thanks for having us stay guys – it’s been really great to see you again.


  1. “but I don’t think they got very far”

    Hmm, that’s what they said about the cane toads 🙂

  2. Hi Peter & Susan, it was great to have you here as guests. Thanks for the pictures amd good luck for the “rest” of the journey!
    Heiko & Martina

  3. Hi Pete and Susan,
    Belated Happy Birthday Susan! Enjoying catching up with your travels, think I have been to Nuremburg quite a while ago, when Lisa and I went to visit Fiona in Gera. Happy Days! x

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